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American Science Fiction was born with the first issue of Hugo Gernsback's AMAZING STORIES in 1926. Science fiction had appeared in other magazines for a number of years prior to that, but AMAZING was the first magazine devoted exclusively to science fiction.

It was a big success, and was followed shortly thereafter by WONDER STORIES, also by Gernsback, and by ASTOUNDING STORIES. Many people date the real beginnings of Science Fiction to the late 1930's when John Campbell took over editorship of ASTOUNDING. This publication was to become the most influential publication in the industry, perhaps because Campbell insisted on some scientific basis for his stories, even if the science had not yet been invented. He also nurtured a number of the classical writers in the genre, including Asimov, Heinlein, Van Vogt, and L Ron Hubbard.

Just prior to the war, a number of other magazines entered the field, but the paper shortage caused by the war wiped most of them out. Perhaps the greatest loss was UNKNOWN, thought by some to be the best fantasy magazine ever published.

Science Fiction magazines boomed again in the early 1950's, but faded out with the widespread introduction of television. Today, only a handful survive. ASTOUNDING was renamed ANALOG in 1960 and is still published. AMAZING has been revived several times, along with WEIRD TALES, but their continued publication is in doubt.

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some titles found here: Avon Fantasy Reader, Amazing Stories, A Merritts Fantasy, Astonishing (complete), Astounding, Avenger, Beyond, Bill Barnes, Black Mask, Captain Combat, Captain Future, Captain Hazzard, Captain Satan, Captain Zero, Comet, Cosmic, Cosmos, Dime Mystery, Doc Savage, Doctor Death, Dr Yen-Sin, Dream World, Dusty Ayres, Dynamic, Famous Fantastic Mysteries (complete), Fantastic, Fantastic Adventures, Fantastic Adventures Quarterly, Fantastic Novels Magazine, Fantastic Story Quarterly, Fantastic Universe, Fantasy Book, Fantasy Fiction, Fantasy Stories, Fear, Flash Gordon Strange Adventure Magazine, Future Science Fiction, Galaxy Science Fiction, Galaxy Novels, Ghost Stories, G-Men Magazine, Golden Fleece, Horror Stories, IF Worlds of Science Fiction, Imagination, Infinity Science Fiction, Imaginative Tales, Jungle Stories, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Marvel Science Fiction, Miracle Science and Fantasy Stories, Nick Carter Magazine, New Worlds Science Fiction, Nova Science Fiction Novels, Operator 5, Orbit Science Fiction, Oriental Stories, Other Worlds Science Stories, Out of This World, Planet Stories, Private Detective, Rocket Stories, Satellite Science Fiction, Saturn Science Fiction and Fantasy, Science Fiction Adventures, Science Fiction (Original), Science Fiction Digest, Science Fiction Plus, Science Fiction Quarterly, Science Stories, Secret Agent X, Shadow, Shadow Annual, Sheena Queen of the Jungle, Shock, Sinister Stories, Skipper, Space Science Fiction, Space Science Fiction Magazine, Space Stories, Spaceway, Spicy Adventure Stories, Spicy Detective Stories, Spicy Mystery Stories, Spider, Star Science Fiction, Startling Stories, Stirring Science Fiction, Strange Detective Mysteries, Strange Stories, Strange Tales, Super Science Fiction, Super Science Stories, Ten Story Fantasy, Terror Tales, Tops in Science Fiction, Two Complete Science Adventure Books, Uncanny Stories, Uncanny Tales, Universe, Unknown, Vanguard Science Fiction, Venture Science Fiction, Vortex Science Fiction, Weird Tales Magazine, Wonder Stories (Air), Science Wonder Stories, Wonder Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Wonder Stories Annua, Wonder Stories Quarterly, Worlds Beyond

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The bible of pulp magazine priceguides. Place a value on most any pulp, no matter how obscure
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Worlds Best Pulp Magazine Priceguide
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The bible of pulp magazine priceguides. Place a value on most any pulp, no matter how obscure
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